famous buildings

( 著名建筑 )

Ming City Walls

Chinese Simplified: 明城墙

Taicheng (台城)

The City Wall of Nanjing was designed by Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang (1368–1398) after he founded the Ming Dynasty(1368–1644) and established Nanjing as the capital 600 years ago. To consolidate his sovereignty and keep out invaders, he adopted the suggest …

Former Legation Area at Yihe Road

Chinese Simplified: 颐和路公馆区

Bordering Jiangsu Road to the east and Xikang Road to the west, the 600-meter-long Yihe Road and its offshoots form Nanjing’s most walkable neighborhood. 

These less-trafficked, tree-lined streets were the legation quarter and high-end residential area when the city was the capital of the Republic of China in 1930s and 1940s.

Mo …

Yuejiang Tower

Chinese Simplified: 阅江楼

Yuejiang Tower is of a long historical source and profound cultural heritage. Zhu Yuanzhang directed his 80,000 ambushing armies in defeating the 400,000 armies under his powerful foe Chen Youliang in the Lulong Hill in 1360, laying a firm foundation for establishing the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and making Nanjing the capital. After becoming the emperor, Zh …

Presidential Palace

Chinese Simplified: 总统府

Gate Tower of Presidential Palace
It is the landmark of the Presidential Palace. It was the former outer gate of Liang Jiang Viceroy in the Qing Dynasty. The gate of the palace was called “Genius Gate” during the period of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. Designed by Yaobin, the present …

Chaotian Palace or Worshiping the Heaven Palace

Chinese Simplified: 朝天宫

Screen Wall and Memorial Archways“万仞宫墙”照壁与东西牌坊

Located in the south of Chaotian Palace, the Screen Wall is almost 100 meters in length. Four characters of “Wan Ren Gong Qiang”, which means “the wall of knowledge is ten thousand meters high and students come here to find t …

Dongshuiguan Sluice

Chinese Simplified: 东水关

With a history of over 1,000 years, as a unit of cultural relics under the protection of Nanjing municipality, it is located outside Tongji City-Gate and in the west of Middle Longpan Road. Built in the Five Dynasties with Ten States, it is a water-sluice of the Qinhuai River flowing into Nanjing. After establi …

Ming Palace

Chinese Simplified: 明故宫

Unlike the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Ming palace, built in 1367, did not survive.

Ming Palace,originally enclosed approximately five square kilometers, was used for more than half a century by the first three Ming emperors. It had three large courtyards linking vast raised halls flanked ea …

Tangshan Artillery School

Chinese Simplified: 汤山炮校

Both Mainland and Taiwan are from the same origin, hence there are many common cultural connections and historical complex across the straits. Nevertheless, it is rarely known that there is a counterpart military unit ---- Tangshan Artillery School both in mainland and in Taiwan. It is not only the unique one in China, but also a peculiar in …

The Chiang Kai-shek’s Hot Spring Villa

The Chiang Kai-shek’s Hot Spring Villa is situated in 3 Wenquan road, Tangshan town. The villa started to be constructed in 1920, and was possessed by Zhang Jingjiang, a veteran Komintang member. Chiang Kai-shek, President of the Republic of China, married with Soong May-ling (also known as Madame Chiang Kai-shek) in 1927, and Zhang Jingjia …

The Memorial of Meiyuan New Village

Chinese Simplified: 梅园新村

The Memorial of Meiyuan New Village is located in the eastern end of the Changjiang Road in Nanjing. The full name of the Memorial is the Memorial of Meiyuan New Village of the CPC delegation. It provides several …

Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge

Chinese Simplified: 南京长江大桥

In the 1960s, Communist China proclaimed its ability and ambition for modernization through this double-decker and rail-road bridge.

This 44-year-old structure was the first of its kind to be designed and built by the People’s Republ …

Site of The Treasure Boat Factory

It was the place where Zheng He had the famous ocean-going treasure boat built, which was also the starting point of Zheng He's 7 …

Old Street of Gaochun

Chinese Simplified: 高淳老街

It is located in the southwest of Chunxi Town at Gaochun County, which is the most important central street at the ancient town of Chunxi. The street is a riverside block with crisscrossing streets of a complete layout. It has many buildings with the Ming and Qing styles distributed in patches. The street was a commercial distric …

Brief Introduction to Qixia Mountain Scenic Area

Chinese Simplified: 栖霞山风景区

Qixia Temple栖霞寺

Xuanwu Lake Scenic Area

Chinese Simplified: 玄武湖风景区


Xuanwu City-Gate玄武门
Located to the west of Xuanwu Lake, thanks to “Nanyang Commodity Expo” was held in Nanjing In 1908, Xuanwu City-Gate was built in 1909. To enable Chinese and foreign guests to visit Xuanwu Lake more conveniently, the Qing Gov …

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s Mausoleum

Chinese Simplified: 中山陵

Nanjing Library

Chinese Simplified: 南京图书馆

Nanjing Library is located at Daxinggong of center of Nanjing, covering an area of 2.52 ten thousand square meters and having floor of 7.87 ten thousand square meters. It sets up 3 thousand seats and more than 4 thousand information points for readers, and allocates all kinds of advanced software of the function, i …

Confucius Temple and Qinhuai River Scenic Area

Pan Pool泮池
The pool in front of Confucius Temple is generally called “Pan Pool”. The original palace of academy in the Lu State was situated by the Pan River in the Zhou Dynasty, “Study of the emperor is featured by harm …

Chien-Shiung Wu Memorial Hall

Chinese Simplified: 吴健雄纪念馆

Chien-Shiung Wu ( May 31, 1912 – February 16, 1997) was a Chinese American physicis …

Zhonghua City-Gate

Chinese Simplified: 中华门

Being called “Treasure Gate” in ancient times, it was the southern city-gate of Nanjing as the capital of the Ming Dynasty.  It is also termed “Pottery-pot Enclosure” as it looks like a pottery pot. In 1931, its name was changed into Zhonghua City-Gate. Three Chinese characters inscribed by Jiang Kai-shek in person are still visible on the city-gate. …

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