Prime Restaurant and Bar Lounge

( 酒吧餐厅 )

1912 Bar Street

Chinese Simplified: 1912休闲街区

Consisted of more than 20 buildings with Chinese and Western elements of the Republic of China period, 1912 Bar Street has several dozen restaurants, bars, pubs, tea houses, nightclubs and discos. It has become the nightlife center in Nanjing.

Sancho Panza酒吧

Chinese Simplified: Sancho Panza酒吧

Local or international music bands strum out head-banging tunes every night at this subterranean space, connected to the real world by only a tiny flight of stairs in the Wutaishan Stadium complex.

Music genre varies from night to night but is largely focused on Rock, Country and Blues, according to the bartender. The underground live house is a regular stop for touring bands to set up shows in Nanjing.
It gets busy from around 9.00 p.m. when the daily concert starts. A …


Chinese Simplified: Jimmy’s酒吧

Hidden at the end of a food and drink complex on Shigu Road, this six-year-old sports bar plants a chunk of America in the heart of Nanjing.

Owned by Tennessee-native Jimmy, this laid-back pub is a nightlife stronghold among Nanjing expats, serving domestic and imported beers, a sociable environment and possibly the best American-style pizza in town.

Half a dozen TV sets are hung around the 100-square-metre brown-bricked space, broadcasting various sports games …


Chinese Simplified: Florentina酒吧

It sounds surreal but it’s true: this cutely decorated house is the ultimate watering hole for Nanjing beer buffs.

The no-frills bar provides no food or live music, but bottle after bottle of good booze and a quiet environment for chatting. More than 100 imported brews are showcased neatly on a floor-to-ceiling shelf for selection. Most cost between RMB 25-40 (US$4-6.4).

The owner Tina Su (宿媛媛), a local in her mid-20s, says she opened this bar because she’d …

Prime Restaurant and Bar Lounge

Chinese Simplified: 酒吧餐厅

Ascend cloud high for a posh experience of juicy steaks, wonderful wines, premium cigars and a panoramic view over the glittering downtown at this InterContinental bar.

Located on the 78th floor of 450-meter Zifeng Tower, this 150-seat establishment is the highest nightlife spot in the city and is a safe bet for impressing even the pickiest of bosses or travelling partners.
The well-stocked wine cellar gathers 10 different Champagnes as well as 50 types of white wine and …

Zuo Bar酒吧

Chinese Simplified: Zuo Bar酒吧

Delivering top-notch cocktails and fine service in a cosy environment, the 50-square-metre bar is the place to go for a classy sip outside glitzy hotels.

The menu comprises simple finger food and some 50 drinks choices with different bases of liquor, including whiskey, vodka, gin and tequila.

Waist-coated Chinese bartenders, trained by the bar’s Japanese owner, mix concoctions in front of a large wall of alcohol which displays more than 100 bottles of firewat …

Mooring by the Qinhuai River

Chinese Simplified: 夜泊秦淮

It is a live show in Bailuzhou Park which applies the typical music from south regions of the Yangtze to describe the history, historical stories, poems and local operas of traditional culture along the Qinhuai River. …


Chinese Simplified: 夜生活

Nanjing’s nightlife scene is growing fast, though it is not on a par with what Beijing and Shanghai offer. Bars and clubs cluster around Shanghai Road (between Guangzhou Road and West Beijing Road) and 1912 (54 North Taiping Road), an entertainment complex featuring revamped villas dating from the establishment of the Republic of China. …

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