Shopping District

( 购物街区 )

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Nanjing,a city of brisk market,in one of the modern trade centers in the area of middle & lower Reaches of the Yangtze River. 

Department stores, located in the downtown area, will make you c …

Xinjiekou Commercial Circle

Chinese Simplified: 新街口商贸区

Known as the "First Commercial Circle in China", it owns many large commercial, trading & circulation enterprises, and several hundred shops, hotels, plazas, banks as well. 

Shanxi Road Commercial Circle

Chinese Simplified: 山西路商贸区

Hunan Road in this circle, second only to Xinjiekou, is nationally renowned for its “Civilization Demo and Good Faith”.

Confucius Temple Commercial Circle

Chinese Simplified: 夫子庙商贸区

Located by Qinhuai River, its architecture is of unique style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is an unparalleled Tourist Commercial District in China.

South Taiping Road Commercial Street

In 1984, it was awarded the title of "Top-10 Commercial Streets in China". Nowadays, it has developed into "a street of gold and jewelry trading ".

Science & Technology Street on Zhujiang Road

It is the biggest distribution center of electronic products in east China, just as famous as Zhong Guancun in Beijing.

Zhongyang Gate Commercial Circle

Chinese Simplified: 中央门商贸区

Located in north of the city, this new business center is quite close to Nanjing Railway Station and long-distance Bus Station.

Golden Eagle Shopping Center

A popular department store with a wide selection of clothing, home goods, and a foreign food supermarket located on the upper floor.
Large MarketsAddress:No.89 Hanzhong Rd, Qinhuai District


Decathlon is a large sporting goods store stocking most things the sporting lady or gent could wish for. 

The manager and a few of the salespeople speak some English, should you find yourself racking your brain for the Chinese word for "Jockstrap." Decathlon is located next to Metro, KFC and B&Q so you can shoot some h …

IKEA Nanjing

Chinese Simplified: 南京宜家

 IKEA Nanjing delivers in its typical IKEA fashion. With its wide array of Western furniture, decor, imported groceries, and a restaurant on its 2nd floor, IKEA promises a satisfying experience to shoppers of all types. 

The only drawback of of IKEA Nanjing is its location; it's a bit of a s …

Deji Plaza

Chinese Simplified: 德基广场

A western style mall located at the northern end of Xinjiekou, Deji Plaza is one of Nanjing's premier malls with a wide variety of high class shops and western restaurants such as Bella Napoli, and high end shops such as Louis Vuitton and Burberry. Also, check out their movie theater!

Category: Large Markets
Address: …

New City Mall

Chinese Simplified: 新城市广场

The New City Mall is quite similar in structure to a Western shopping center. This means that the shops are clearly separated and there are long and open hallways that connect them. While New City may not be as swanky as Deji, there are still a wide variety including Suning, a yoga club, brand name and knock off clo …

Zhenghong Jie

Chinese Simplified: 正洪街

Located in the heart of Nanjing's bustling Xinjiekou district, this underground shopping mall literally rises out of the ground in a blaze of neon. Well known for its affordable and quirky fashions and accessories, Fashion Lady is an essential stop on any fashionista's tour of Nanjing.

Category: Large Mar …

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