Famous Snacks

( 风味小吃 )

Eight Famous Snacks of the Qinhuai River

Chinese Simplified: 秦淮八绝

As early as during the six dynasties, there were many pavilions and restaurants along the Qinhuai River and the Qingxi River; and in the Ming and Qing dynasties, they became even more flourishing. Now in the Confucius Temple area, there are restaurants, tea houses, pubs, and snack shops every where. Just in the central area of the Confucius Temple, more than 200 snacks are served.

Duck Blood Soup

Chinese Simplified: 鸭血粉丝汤

 Spicy duck blood soup, Yaxue Tang, with bits of duck gizzards is great on a cool morning to get you going or late on a chilly night to warm you through. While many in the West would not normally cook with blood it is a very popular Chinese dish and once sampled will quic …

Salted Duck

Chinese Simplified: 盐水鸭

In a city built at the meeting of two great waterways, the Qinhuai and Yangtze Rivers, there is no doubt that the duck dishes of Nanjing would be a staple food loved all over China. As a former imperial seat, prepared duck was seen as a tribute food of Nanjing. With a history reaching back some l,400 years several different duck dishes can be found in Nanjing including the milky-broth of old duck soup, Jinling roasted duck similar to Peking duck, braised duck …

Stinky Tofu

Chinese Simplified: 臭豆腐干

The first greets you long before you even know that you are hungry and is perhaps more popular as a solo dish, the brutally but honestly named stinky tofu. Legend has it that this fermented, then deep-fried sn …

Shredded Dried-Tofu in Chicken Broth

Chinese Simplified: 鸡汁干丝

They are boiled in chicken broth with half a dozen goodies, such as ham, bamboo shoots and unshelled shrimps. The soybean-based slices,which can be as thin as 1 millimeter, absorb an appetite-inducing meaty flavor from the broth.

Chaye Dan

Chinese Simplified: 茶叶蛋

The first important combination is the pairing of Rain Flower Tea with a spiced egg and a handful of addicting and chewy beans. The spiced egg, Chaye Dan, can be found all over China.0ne of the great snack foods that is easy to …

Lotus root stuffed

Chinese Simplified: 糯米莲藕

Lotus root stuffed with rice is starchy and sweet. The lotus root is very porous and sucks up all of the sticky syrup and sweet osmanthus flavor making this more akin to a dessert than a side dish and can be served hot or cold. …

Meihua Zhenggao

Chinese Simplified: 梅花蒸糕

The small Meihua Zhenggao is a local cake delicacy. This dense and dry cake is slightly sweet with bits of dried fruit. More like a scone or shortbread to Western tea aficionados it is perfect with a steaming cup.


Chinese Simplified: 豆腐脑

Doufunao, a fresh and soft preparation often served for breakfast but with the addition of a topping slightly spicy and oily. A small bowl of this is still good for breakfast and even better toward the end of the meal. 

Niurou Guotie

Chinese Simplified: 牛肉锅贴

Huilu Gan

Chinese Simplified: 回卤干

Huilu Gan is another tofu dish. Tofu in various forms is a popular Nanjing staple. Fried tofu cubes and a selection of local vegetables give this soup a delicate flavor accentuating the texture of the bean curd.

Steamed Buns

Chinese Simplified: 菜包

Steamed buns, filled with anything you can chop finely and wrap in the light airy dough, are another common sight all over China. In Nanjing vegetables like spinach take preference and a bag of three to five of Shuijing Bao are a common breakfast or traveling companion.

Shao Mai

Chinese Simplified: 烧卖

Familiar to many is Shao Mai, a palm sized amount of meat or other ingredients wrapped up in a sheet of dough gathered up around the sides. Nanjing cuisine is far less heavy than others in China and relies on a combination of o …

Yuhuashi Tangtuan

Chinese Simplified: 雨花汤圆

Korean Nanjing - Nanjing's Best Korean Eats

For Nanjing's mostly Chinese residents, Korean food is old hat. China is lucky to be close enough to Korea for every major city to have a treasure trove of delicious Korean cuisine, whereas cities in the West might be lucky to have one or two restaurants. Most of Nanjing's Korean eateries are small and a significant number are not authentic, but there's still a lot of great food to be had—as always, accompanied by kimchi, Korea's most famous dish.

//Map//'s editors have picke …

Grab a Piece of Pisa Pizza

Standing out amidst the sea of newly opened cafés and restaurants in the Shanghai Lu area is Pisa Pizza, opened by native Nanjinger and pizza expert Maric Han. Pizza lovers used to Nanjing restaurants’ penchant for making “pizzas with Chinese characteristics” can rest assured, Pisa Pizza’s brick oven pizzas are the best you’ll find anywhere in Nanjing.  
Owner Maric Han fi …

Tradition/Innovation-Two Chefs on Italian Cuisine in Nanjing

“I don't like recipes,” Serafino di Giampaolo admits. We're sitting in his restaurant, Meeting Point on Shanghai Lu, on a mid-week afternoon, and, though the restaurant is nominally closed, it is a hive of activity, people coming in and going out and conversations in three languages. Di Giampaolo is talking about his area of expertise, Italian cooking, and the words are …

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As any veteran here can tell you, Nanjing’s international dining scene has expanded and diversified at a remarkable rate over the past 10 years. Far more often than not, however, the entrepreneurial spirit of local restaurateurs has resulted in ill-conceived failures rather than successes. (If we Map editors had a nickel for every all-purpose Western restaurant we’ve reviewed over the years that is …

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