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What agencies can deal with foreigners’ travel complaints?

Chinese Simplified: 咨询与投诉

If you want to know some information about shopping, traffic, food, etc., or you get into troubles, you can call the 24-hour service hotline&nbs …

Visas for China get simplified

Life may just have gotten a bit simpler for Americans planning a trip to China, after a new set of visa categories took effect on Sunday.
"The new categories aim to streamline management while facilitating applications," said Wu Yi, head of the visa office at the Chinese consulate in San Francisco.
"In recent years, we ha …

Tickets of Nanjing attractions

Nanjing is the first tourist city to reduce ticket price. Many representative attractions are no longer charge , such as Dr. Sun Yat-sen 's Mausoleum (former ticket price: RMB 80), Xuanwu Lake (former ticket price: RMB 40), etc.. There is also a preferential measure in Nanjing, that is you can buy an annual card which costs RMB 200, then you can use your annual card to visit Nanjing scenic areas many times all the year round. And it almost contains important charging attractions in Nanjing …

The 5-minute Nanjing travel guide

Chinese Simplified: 快速了解南京

Learn the ins and outs of this rapidly-growing city in the time it takes to have a cup of tea

The trick of visiting Nanjing is finding a balance between ancient relics and so …

Nanjing Nightlife, Where to Have Fun?

Xinjiekou, the city’s equivalent to Times Square, is a perfect spot to feel the glitz and glamour of modern Nanjing when the night falls. The blinding intersection is surrounded by luxury brand stores, gigantic shopping malls and towering five-star hotels.

Underneath, there is another labyrinth of subway stalls stretching for miles, selling the hottest eats and knick-knacks.

One of the best places to dine in Xinjiekou is the Plum Garden restaurant in Jinling …

Chinese Currency – Renminbi (RMB)

Chinese Simplified: 中国货币常识

Chinese yuan, also known as Renminbi, is used throughout in mainland China, while in Hong Kong and Macau, Hong Kong dollar and pataca are respectively used. The basic unit of Renminbi is Yuan and the sign of Yuan is ¥.

The metric conversion about Chinese Yuan is :1Yuan=10jiao  1jiao=10fen

In some parts of China, yuan is called kuai and jiao is referred as ma …

Tipping in Nanjing

Tipping is not common practice in Nanjing.

Workers and staff members in the tourist industry shall not ask for, or accept, without permission, rebates (including various negotiable securities, material objects and other remuneration)because the bill usually includes 10-15% service charge.


Chinese Simplified: 关于洗手间

In China, most of toilets are squatting ones, which are easily available in hotels, tourist attractions, commercial department store, restaurant, McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut and and the likes. While, clean sit-down toilets are commonly available in hotels. In China, if you want to find a toilet, just look for the sign of "WC", which means toilet in Chinese. Since tissue paper is scarcely provided in washroom, always carrying your own tissue paper is strongly suggested here. The tissue paper could …

What should I pay particular attention to in applying for a Chinese visa?

Pay attention to the following when making visa applications:
A. Make arrangements in advance in case the visa is initially turned down or time is limited.
B. The applicant should truthfully and clearly fill out the application form and sign it him or her self. (The parents or guardian of a minor may sign on behalf of the minor, stating ?their relationship).
C. The application should be true and complete with required associated documents. Applications will be re …

What materials are needed in applications for group tourist visas?

Original invitation or fax copy from an authorized agency.

Tour schedule (Tour number should be marked).


A list of names of those in the tour party in triplicate (Printed copy with on a standard format)

How do I get a Chinese visa?

Visas for leisure travel to China are quite easy to get, and are usually granted for a one month′s stay. You can contact the China National Tourist Offices in New York or Los Angeles. Your travel agent or visa services provider can also help you.? Visas can also be obtained from Chinese embassies or consulates. In North America, you can contact the Chinese Embassies in Washington DC and Ottawa, or Consulates in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Chicago, Houston, New York, Vancouver or …

What type of visa do I need?

Single-entry visas to China are usually valid for 3 months from the date of issue, and will permit you to stay in China for a maximum of 30 days. This visa will allow you to travel as a tourist or conduct general business activities. Most people need only to apply for a single-entry visa. 

Where do I apply for a Chinese visa?

Except where there are clear grounds for a visa exemption, a foreigner coming to China should, in principle, apply for a visa to a Chinese diplomatic or consular mission or office abroad, the Commissioner’s Office in Hong Kong and Macao, or offices in other agencies abroad authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Click here for more information about visa agencies.

There are district divisions for Chinese diplomatic or consular missions abroad, and …

How can I make international calls from my hotel?

International calls and overseas calls to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), to the Macao SAR or Taiwan and to some International countries may be made directly from hotel rooms with IDD lines. Some hotels will add a 15 percent service charge, which is usually added to the accommodation fee. With an IC card, you can also make domestic long distance calls and international calls from public telephones or you can ask about the long distance call service in your place of accommodati …

How can I use traveler´s checks and credit cards Nanjing?

Traveler′s checks are easily cashed at the Bank of China in Beijing. Major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Diners, Club and American Express may be used to purchase goods in large department stores. They can often also be used to pay bills at many hotels, at major shopping centers and for meals in some restaurants. …

How to prevent luggage being lost in transit?

In order to prevent luggage being lost in transit: a. a passenger should lock his luggage; b. make sure the luggage tag is secure, and the name, address and destination should be clearly filled out (English preferred); c. the registered items on the luggage tag should be correct, especially the destination and flight number; d. other labels and the luggage tags should be torn off.

How does a foreigner travel in China with his own vehicle?

Chinese Simplified: 自驾游

Agencies in charge:
The tourism management agency of the province or municipality where the applicant is located.
A. Foreigners must travel with their vehicles.
B. Foreigners with their own vehicle traveling outside open areas must stay with their own vehicles.
C. There must be an approved Chinese organization to receive the foreigner and their rules must be kept to.
D. The vehicle must be lawfully registered in the local country or region.< …

How do I use the postal service?

Chinese Simplified: 邮政服务

Most tourist hotels provide postal services; however, if you want to send important items such as antiques or cultural relics that are under customs control, you must consult the local branch of the International Post Office.

In addition to regular postal services, the International Post and Telecommunications Office handles remittances, money orders, telegraphic money transfers, international and domestic telephone and telegram services and local telephone services.? In the same …

What should I not bring to China?

Prohibited and Restricted Imports

--The following items may not be brought into the PRC:
(1) Weapons, articles that appear to be or are replicas of weapons, ammunition and explosives, including fireworks.
(2) Counterfeit currency and fake securities.
(3) Printed articles or films, photos, phonograph records, movies, audio tapes, video tapes, laser optic disks, computer memory media and other articles which are considered socially disruptive or harmful to …

What are the baggage limits?

Chinese Simplified: 行李限额

As different airlines have varying policies, you should check with your carrier for restrictions and allowances. Usually, each trans-Pacific passenger is allowed two check-in bags totaling 106 inches over the three dimensions, and one carry-on bag not over 39 inches. There is no free luggage allowance for holders of infant tickets. 

For domestic China and intra-Asia flights, you are allowed to check in one piece of luggage less than 20 kilograms (44 pounds) total weig …

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