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Stone City 

Imperial period

  ●Stone City(石头城)
  ●Qixia Temple(栖霞寺)
  ●Linggu Temple(灵谷寺)
  ●Jiming Temple(鸡鸣寺)
  ●South Tang Mausoleums(南唐二陵)
  ●Confucius Temple (Temple of Confucius) and Qinhuai River(夫子庙和秦淮河)
  ●Jiangnan Gongyuan(江南贡院)
  ●City Wall of Nanjing(南京城墙)
  ●Ming Dynasty Palace Site(明故宫)
  ●Chaotian Palace(朝天宫)
  ●Drum Tower(鼓楼)
  ●Beiji Ge(北极阁)
  ●Jinghai Temple(静海寺)
  ●Zhonghua Gate(中华门)
  ●The Porcelain Pagoda of Nanjing (demolished)(大报恩寺)
  ●Xu Garden(煦园)
  ●Zhan Yuan Garden(瞻园)
  ●Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum and its surrounding complex(明孝陵)
  ●Yangshan Quarry(阳山碑材)
  ●Yuejiang Lou(阅江楼)

Nanking Officials Residence Cluster along Yihe Road



The North Building of Nanjing University

Republic of China period
Because it was designated as the national capital, many structures were built around that time. Even today, some of them still remain which are open to tourists.
  ●Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum and its surrounding area(中山陵及其附属建筑)
  ●Former Presidential Palace, Nanjing of ROC(中华民国总统府旧址)
  ●Former Central Government of ROC Building Group along N. Zhongshan Road(中山北路国民政府建筑)
  ●Former Central Committee of KMT Buildings(中国国民党中央党部旧址)
  ●Former National Art Gallery Buildings (Jiangsu Art Gallery)(国立美术陈列馆旧址/江苏省美术馆)
  ●Former National Great Hall (Nanjing Great Hall of the People)(国民大会堂旧址/南京人民大会堂)
  ●Former Foreign Embassies in Gulou Area(鼓楼使馆区)
  ●Nanking Officials Residence Cluster along Yihe Road(颐和路公馆区)
  ●Former Central Stadium(Nanjing Physical Education Institute)(中央体育场旧址/南京体育学院)
  ●Former Central Radio of KMT Building
  ●Republic of China Military Academy Buildings(中央陆军军官学校旧址)
  ●Former Bank of China Nanking Branch Building(中国银行南京分行旧址)
  ●Former Bank of Communications Nanking Branch Building(交通银行南京分行旧址)
  ●Former Central Bank of ROC Nanking Branch Building(中央银行南京分行旧址)
  ●Dahua Theatre(大华电影院)
  ●Lizhishe Buildings(励志社)
  ●Former Macklin Hospital Buildings (Gulou Hospital)(马林医院旧址/鼓楼医院)
  ●Former Central Hospital Buildings(国立中央医院旧址)
  ●Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall(侵华日军南京大屠杀遇难同胞纪念馆)
  ●Former National Central Museum Buildings (Nanjing Museum)(国立中央博物院旧址/南京博物馆)
  ●Purple Mountain Observatory(中央研究院紫金山天文台旧址/中国科学院紫金山天文台)
  ●Former Academia Sinica of ROC Buildings(国立中央研究院旧址)
  ●Former Central University Buildings (Southeast University)(国立中央大学旧址/东南大学)
  ●Former University of Nanking Buildings (Nanjing University)(金陵大学旧址/南京大学)
  ●Former Ginling College Buildings(Nanjing Normal University)(金陵女子大学旧址/南京师范大学)
  ●St. Paul's Church(圣保罗堂)
  ●Central Hotel(中央饭店)
  ●Former Capital Hotel (Huajiang Hotel)(首都饭店/华江饭店)
  ●Yangtse Hotel (扬子饭店)

  ●Sun Yat-sen Botanical Garden(中山植物园)

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