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Tangshan Hot Spring汤山温泉
Tangshan hot spring is known for “magic spring”, “holy water”, “holy hot spring” or “Tang spring” in ancient times. As early as the Six Dyanasties (227-589 AD), people had already taken bath in it in order to cure diseases. In the Republic of China era (1911-1949), Tangshan again was famous for its hot spring, “the Servicemen’s Club” often witnessed a great gathering of distinguished guests, and Chiang Kai-shek had his presidential mansion built in Tangshan, moreover, other celebrities of the Republic such as Dai Jitao, Yu Youren, and Zhang Jingjiang also had their hot spring villa built here. 

At present, Tangshan has become one of the most attractive leisure and holiday site in Nanjing, hundreds of thousands of tourists come here annually travelling, sightseeing, passing leisure time and making holidays.

The natural hot spring souces Tangshan are rather concentrated and distributed over the southern slope of the Tangshan moutain, oringinally, there were six hot spring souces, at present, hot spring is extracted from the hot spring wells, rich natural hot resources are concentrated in an area of 8.94 square kilometers, with an east-west length of 6130m and a north-south width of 875-1800m, the present wells are mainly distributed in the northeast of the area. At present, Tangshan scenic area is strengthening the management of hot resources, strictly controlling the exploitation of hot spring, so as to assure the sustainable development of hot spring.

Tourists come to Tangshan, can enjoy the hot spring bath which is the very grace of heaven. If time permitted, tourists can stay in Tangshan for a few days, lingering in the green mountains and clear waters, “awakened by the chirps of birds in the morning, and enjoyed in the hot spring in the evening”, tasting the local delicacies, visiting the historical relics and monuments, through which tourists can relax both their bodies and their spirits. 

Types of hot spring bath: there are various hot spring hotels in the region, as well as different kind of private hot spring houses; yet the public bathrooms can be other choices, where tourist can enjoy bath with locals, chatting while taking bath, liberating one’s mind in careless listening to narration of the local legends…… 

Prices: for non-check-in tourists, bath price is about 100 yuan per person each time; check-in tourists can enjoy hot spring bath freely. 
Zhongshan International Golf Club钟山高尔夫俱乐部
It once was a "rural golf course" for the Kuomintang VIPs to promote friendship with foreign envoys in 1934. It is located at the foot of the Purple Mountain, with complete and perfect supporting facilities. "Pure membership-based" management ensures distinguished enjoyment.
Tel: 025-84606666
Add: No.9, Huanling Road, Xuanwu District


Gingko-Lake Golf Club银杏湖国际高尔夫俱乐部       
Located by Gingko-Lake, it has gigantic gingko forest and several precious laurel trees of thousand years, as well as beautiful lakes and mountains.
Tel: 025-86139988
Add: No.1, Yinxinghu, Guli, Jiangning District

Website: www.

Sun-Island Golf Club太阳岛高尔夫俱乐部

The entire layout is nestled in a natural setting, full of surprises, imposing and awe-inspiring. The natural layout of the course coupled with the ever-changing elements makes golfing in Nanjing Sun Island a truly challenging experience. 

Nanjing Harvard International Golf Club昭富国际高尔夫俱乐部

Located in the scenic area of the Pearl Spring, it is a good place for business tour and entertainment. It has already completed 18 holes of regularized 27-hole design with 6,893 yards of total length. 

China’s First Cittaslow---Yaxi中国第一国际慢城——桠溪
China's First Cittaslow Yaxi, once named Yaxi Ecological Tourism Destination, is located in the northeast of Gaochun County, Nanjing. It is an integrated agricultural scenic area which combines ecological sightseeing, agricultural activity participation, efficient agriculture and leisure. Yaxi Ecological Tourism Destination was officially awarded the title of “cittaslow” in Cittaslow International Assembly in Scotland on November 27th, 2010. Eventually, China’s First Cittaslow came into being. Cittaslow Yaxi covers an area of 50 square kilometers with a 48-kilometer-long road connecting six villages and all the scenic sites. Here you can see the beautiful landscape, taste the slow food local farmers present you, and live the slow life once you dreamed of. Yaxi Ecological Tourism Destination is the real combination of cultural landscape, natural landscape and agricultural activity participation.
Add:Yaxi Town, Gaochun District
How to get to: Shuttle bus from South Railway Staion to Gaochun District
Airport Expressway--Nanjing-Gaochun Expressway--Gaochun District-- Shuangwang Gonglu-- Laoya Lu

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