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China Nanjing International Plum Blossom Festival 中国南京国际梅花节

Plum blossom is the city flower of Nanjing. Since 1996 Nanjing Municipal Government has held China Nanjing International Plum Blossom Festival at Plum Blossom Hill which is located in the Zhongshan Mountain Scenic Area each year. Now the festival has become a state-level tourism event renowned at home and abroad. Many blossom themed activities are held during February and March, which attract millions of visitors.

Nanjing International Travel Fair南京国际旅游交易会

The Nanjing International Travel Fair, which was originally named the Yangtze River Delta Area Travel Fair and Nanjing Tourism Expo, has been held since 1996. In 2012 the Nanjing International Travel Fair started to cooperate with Messe Stuttgart of Germany, attracting several hundred exhibitors from 25 countries and regions. In 2013 the fair will upgrade further by being renamed as CMT China, which is the first overseas sub brand of CMT, the largest European vacation and tourism fair.

Qinhuai International Lantern Festiva 秦淮元宵灯会

Qinhuai Lantern Festival is an important component of Qinhuai culture and a famous traditional festival of Nanjing. It has been successfully held for 26 years in the Confucius Temple-Qinhuai Scenic Belt since 1985. Each year from Jan. 1 -15, up to several million Nanjing citizens and tourists visit the lantern shows.

Gaochun Spring Festival Shopping Festival 高淳春节购物节

A traditional event of Gaochun County for spring festival purchasing
The variety of goods and folk culture are most attractive to citizens and visitors.

Niushou Spring Outing Festival 牛首踏青节
Niushou Mountain is generally recognized as the best place for a spring outing by the Nanjing people. Niushou Spring Outing Festival is held to show the spring beauty around Niushou Mountain. Activities like happy-farmhouse andfruit and vegetable picking are also popular with the citizens.

Gaochun Rape Flower Festival高淳金花节

A special festival held in China’s only International Slow Town – Yaxi of Gaochun when the rape flowers blossom. The golden flower sea, the slow town scenery and the delicious farm food attract many visitors.

Begonia Flower Festival 海棠花节
A featured garden activity in spring of Mochou Lake Park

Lishui Strawberry Festival 溧水草莓节
An agricultural festival for strawberry picking

Mazu temple flower fair 妈祖庙花市
A traditional event for worshipping Mazu held at Tianfei Palace


Nanjing Buddha Pilgrimage Festival金陵礼佛文化月

A Buddhist event started in 2011(picture)
Many masters from home and abroad come to give lectures and the Shakya Mani Buddha parietal bone is open to tourists.

Jiangning Pastoral Culture festival & Hengxi Watermelon Festival江宁田园文化节,横溪西瓜节

Gulou Tourism Fashion Festival鼓楼旅游服装节
Gulou District is one of Nanjing’s most fashionable districts. The festival is held yearly to promote Gulou’s latest fashion tour lines and products to citizens and tourists.

Lishui Picking Festival溧水采摘节
A festival open to citizens and tourists for picking fruits and vegetables in Fujiabian Agricultural Technological Park.

Lotus Festival 荷花节
A special activity held in Xuanwu Lake Park, Mochou Lake Park and Gaochun in summer

Jiangxin Islet Grape Festival 江心洲葡萄节 
One of Nanjing’s Top 10 agricultural events

China Nanjing International Osmanthus Festival中国南京国际桂花节

A special garden activity of Linggu Temple held yearly when osmanthus flowers blossom in autumn

Yuhua Ecological Leisure & Tourism Festiva 雨花生态休闲旅游节
A seasonal country festival of Yuhuatai District

Luhe Jasmine Flower & Rain Flower Pebble Culture Tourism Festival  六合茉莉花雨花石文化旅游节
Luhe District is the hometown of the famous Chinese folk song – Jasmine. The festival is to promote the culture of the jasmine flower and rain flower pebble and also the tourism resources of Luhe.

Nanjing Longpao Crab Soup Dumpling Festival南京龙袍蟹黄汤包节
A food festival with the famous specialty Crab Soup Dumpling as the carrie

Gaochun River-Crab Festival(高淳螃蟹节)

With river-crab as the carrier, the festival is held to fully display the special aquatic products, scenic spots, food brands and folk customs.

Tangshan International Hot Spring Culture Tourism Festival汤山国际温泉文化旅游节

Tangshan is a very famous hot spring resort of China. It used to be exclusively for imperial families in ancient times. Tangshan International Hot Spring Culture Tourism Festival started in 2009. Many hot spring experts and international tourists come to attend various activities and forums related to hot springs every year. The festival has become a famous vacation and leisure brand of Nanjing.

Xinjiekou Commercial Culture Tourism Festival 新街口商业文化旅游节

Red Maple Festival 红枫节

A seasonal activity of Qixia Mountain held when the maples are red

Animal Carnival 动物嘉年华
A special garden activity of Hongshan Forest Zoo which is held during the National Day Holiday in October. Themed activities such as Star Animals, Cartoon Drama and Magic School which are popular with children, have been held each year since 2009.

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