Food blocks

( 美食街区 )
Shiziqiao Food Stree 狮子桥美食街 

tShiziqiao food street, located in the middle of Hunan Road, is now famous near and far for its great variety of foods and distinctive features.

Fuzimiao Food Street 夫子庙美食街 

The food street is located at Xishibai Street in the Confucius Temple area, 600m long, with a constructed space of 35000 square meters. Fuzimiao food street has the uniqueness of architectural styles of Ming and Qing dynasties, with a strong cultural atmosphere. Concentrated here are the local flavor snacks, traditional flavors from other regions, and characteristic foreign foods. The street has become a famed place for tourism and sightseeing in the Confucius Temple area.

Wangfu Leisure and Food Street 王府大街 

Wangfu leisure and food street is a necessary complement in function to the Xinjiekou commercial circle, and also an extension after shopping activities. Based on the existing restaurants, some large restaurant enterprises that also do business in clothes have also been introduced into the area so as to provide conveniences for the consumers to go shopping after eating.

Shi Quan Shi Mei- Food Plaza “食全食美”美食广场"

"Shi Quan Shi Mei- Food Plaza is located on the first sub-ground floor of Xinjiekou Department Store, just at the exit of Xinjiekou subway station of Metro Line 1. With a batch of high, middling grade and general restaurants like the Kentucky Sweet Food Restaurant, the Weiqian Hand-Pulled Noodles Restaurant in the plaza, the food plaza is filled with great variety of food restaurants, which has become a new food street in Nanjing.

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