A pool of naturally gifted hot spring, washes all the secular anxieties away

( 泡泉汤山 )

Tangshan is situated in the eastern suburbs of Nanjing, 28 km away from the city proper. Tangshan is famous for hot spring, which is developed into a resort of tourism, leisure and holiday. 

Tangshan is named after its hot spring and green mountains. As early as 1,500 years ago, there was poems composed by emperors, the Emperor Wu of Liang (502–549 AD) , for instance, entitled Tangshan hot spring as “holy hot spring”, for his mother had suffered from chronic dermatosis and recovered by the hot spring bath. Henceforth, Tangshan hot spring has always been connected with nobilities and celebrities, forming a profound heritage of hot spring culture, and enjoying the reputation of “The Number 1 hot spring in China”. 

During the Republic of China, Tangshan is a place of celebrities’ gathering, President Chiang Gai-shek and Madame Chiang had been to the hot spring villa to make holidays for a number of times after their wedding ceremony, Yu Youren, Dai Jitao and the other famous men of the era possessed leisure and holiday villas.

There are many scenic spots, tourist attraction, historical relics and monuments in Tangshan. The karst cave groups are situated in the area and known for the discovery of fossils of the Nanjing Man. The Yangshan Tablet Stone (the Ming Culture Village) Tourist Attraction is the national AAAA-class tourist attraction, where tourists can not only visit the world’s largest 600 years’ tablet stone authorized by the Guiness World Records but also enjoy the Ming folklores and local everyday life. Tangshan (Hot Spring Mountain), Kongshan, Tangquan Lake, Anji Lake are picturesque for green mountains and clear waters. Tangshan is ranked in the National Geopark of China for its hot spring, karst caves and complete geological section. 

Tourists can enjoy rural tourist activities, taste local delicacies, pick up green ecological fruits and vegetables and experience local rural life. 

All the friends and tourists, home or abroad, are welcome to Tangshan, a place full of hospitality and warmth: 
Welcome to Tangshan to discover the Chinese history and culture;
Welcome to Tangshan to enjoy the grace of the Heaven;
Welcome to Tangshan to visit the fantastic local scenery;
Welcome, friend! 

Nanjing Tangshan Easpring Resort颐尚温泉度假酒店

Easpring is a de lux five-star leisure and holiday hotel, situated in the core of Tangshan Scenic Area, green mountain as background, clear water in front, dotted with various trees and verdant grass and flowers. Services include hot spring leisure, hotel rooms, conference hospitality, holiday-making etc. 
Nanjing Tangshan Easpring Resort had constructed 50 open-air spring pools and 30 de lux private special bathrooms, and there are altogether 198 de lux and economic rooms. Restaurants are specialized by chefs of Cantonese cuisine and Huaiyang cuisine. Dishes are delicate and characterized with special Easpring food medical treatment promoting the way to keep in good health. Various sightseeing halls provide you ideal places to view the beautiful landscape of mountain and water while tasting delicacies. 

Add: Wenquan Road 8, Tangshan Street, Nanjing
Tel: 86-25-51190666

Nanjing Yuhao Hot Spring International Hotel 御豪汤山温泉国际酒店

Nanjing Yuhao Hot Spring International Hotel is a five-star-standard hotel, characterized with typical architecture style of the Republic of China. There are 160 various rooms with elegant decoration and comfortable ambience, in addition to executive floor and hot spring suites, 3 luxuary villas are the first choice to entertain VIP guests or high-rank officials. 
There are various facilities in the hotel, such as bath center, gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis court, mini-golf links, table tennis room, KTV, chess and poker room etc., where guest can relax his body and mind as well as have a leisure time. Different kinds of open-air hot spring bath pools found in verdant woods and on roof gardens provide alternative choice of skin-care and good heath.
Guest-oriented ambience and excellent services make guests from all over the world feel fresh joy in the landscape of mountain and water, and inner tranquality in nature! 

Add: Tangquan Eastern Road 288, Tangshan Street, Nanjing
Tel: 86-25-84109999

Jingshang Golden River International Hot Spring Club 锦尚金河国际温泉会所

Adjacent to the Chiang Kai-shek’s Hot Spring Villa, Jingshang Golden River International Hot Spring Club is a high-grade business, leisure and conference hotel which is contructed according to national five-star hotel standards, integrating bath, food and beverage, entertainment and leisure. In the club, there are main restaurant hall and 7 compartments in various cuisine styles with altogether 160 seats; 29 luxuary guest rooms. The club has 8 garden-style ecological open-air bath pools including fish therapy pool, de lux hot spring pool and 26 free rest compartments, one VIP guest room, 3 chess and poker rooms, as well as a multi-funtionary hall. 

Add: Wenquan Road 9, Tangshan Street, Nanjing
Web: http://nj-jsjh.com
Tel: 86-25-84101999 

Tangshan Premier Hot Spring Resort 汤山一号温泉度假区 

Situated in the area of Tangshan Hot Spring Sanitorium of Nanjing Military Command, Tangshan Premier Hot Spring Resort is a famous hot spring holiday resort. There are two natural sources of hot spring within the resort. From past to present, hot spring here has always been praised by many literati and poets, celebrities and nobilities; and a number of poems, essays and anecdotes remain. During the Republic of China, Tao Cottage and “the Servicemen’s Club” were both within its area. 
The resort is a naturlly gifted oxygen bar as well as ecological garden, cedars and cypresses, evergreen woods and all-season flowers are planted, bird chirps are heard anytime, in nearby mountains, pheasants, hares, squirrels are found everywhere. 
In the resort, there are recovery center, hydrotherapy and phsiotherapy center, physical examination center, conference center, food and beverage center, providing services of hot spring bath, conference, training, physical examination and convalescence etc. 

Add: Wenquan Road 5, Tangshan Street, Nanjing
Web: http://www.njjqwenquan.com
Tel: 86-25-84102290

Nanjing Kayumanis Private Villa Spa 香樟华苹温泉度假别墅

Nanjing Kayumanis Private Villa Spa maintains a constant idea “providing commodious space, unique privacy and considerate private services for guests”. From the architectures emphasizing every details to warm, friendly and careful services, Kayumanis Private Villa Spa has established a unique system of service standards different from other hotels. Private life with individual cares starts here. 
Accomodation Type: private hot spring swimming pool villa
Quantity of Villa: 13 single-bedroom villas, 7 double-bedroom villas, 1 conference center

Add: Sizhuang Village, Tangshan Street, Nanjing
Tel: 86-25-84107777

Tangshan Holy Spring 汤山圣泉

Tangshan Holy Spring is a four-star standard hot spring holiday hotel. The background of the hotel is the architecture style of the Republic of China era, magnificent and grand, conservative and elegant, and it is a hot spring leisure and holiday hotel integrating hot spring bath, special cuisine, room services. 
In the hotel, there are various bath pools providing different bath choices such as flower bath, Chinese herbal medicine bath, whirlpool bath, waterfall bath, stone tablet bath, fish therapy bath, and volcanic mud bath which is the first in east China.

Add: Tangquan Eastern Road 228, Tangshan Street, Nanjing
Web: http://www.njtswq.com
Tel: 86-25-84101208

Bali Original Villa SPA Club 巴厘·原墅SPA温泉酒店

Bali Original Villa SPA Club is among the embrace of mountains and green forest, with a broad view,  picturisque landscape and hot spring, it is a representation of originally ecological villa which is popular in the world. 
In SPA Club, there is hydrotherapy area, where hot spring bath pool, hot spring swimming pool, sauna cotages, gymnasium and massage room are found, and Bali-styled SPA services are provided here. 
In SPA Club, here are high-grade conference room, VIP guest rooms, which is an ideal place to hold medium-small meetings. A ascending hill track winds up to the top of the hill, where a pavillion exists to provide shelter to climbers, at the foot of hill, there is a pool for fishing. All is vanity, therefore liberate yourself from the worldly business: return to nature, to seek wildness in forest or by brook or in fields or by cottages.

Add: Guquan Community, Tangshan Street, Nanjing
Tel: 86-25-84100777

Donghulidao Spring Club  东湖丽岛温泉会所

Donghulidao Spring Club (four-star standard) is situated by Tangquan Lake, embracing the lake and peninsular, among forest and water, hence it is an ideal place for tourism, holiday, conference and leisure.
The club has a variety of leisure programs such as unique hot spring villas with guest rooms, delicious food restaurant, open-air hot spring, sauna, KTV, foot washing, large-medium-small scaled conference rooms, barbecue facilities, fishing, lakeside teahouse, tennis court, chess and poker rooms etc. Different demands of all kinds of guests are to be satisfied, and one’s body and mind will be completely relaxed. 

Add:Donghulidao, Tangshan Street, Nanjing 
Tel:86-25-84101771   86-25-84101772

Workers’Tangshan Sanitorium, Jiangsu Province 江苏省工人疗养院
Workers’ Tangshan Sanitorium Jiangsu Province belongs directly to the General Labor Union of Jiangsu Province, located by Tangquan Lake, to the east, is the exit of Shanghai-Nanjing highway, and to the west is Nanjing-Hangzhou highway. In sanitorium, there are zigzag path, lotus pool, pavillion, corride with winding rattans, garden with rockery, the percentage of forest cover is as high as 85%. Here, a person is “awakened by the chirps of birds in the morning, and enjoying in the hot spring in the evening”, strolling in the shades of trees, feeling free and pleasant. 
The sanitorium was first built in 1965, there are 500 beds at present, providing convalescence services characterized by hot spring, which have remarkable effects on therapies of dermatoses and arthralgia as well as convalescence of cardiovascular and cerebral diseases.
The Physiotheraphy Center has indoors swimming pool, apparatus hydrotherapy, water massage, Thai massage, gymnasium, entertainment room etc., and the physical examination center has advanced equipment and comfortable atmosphere. 
Service commitment: The arrangement of convalescence, physical examination, tourism, holiday and conference will be with great carefulness, and we will provide high quality services to exchange health body and pleasant mind of guest. 

Add: Tangquan Eastern Road 229, Tangshan Street, Nanjing
Web: http://www.tslyy.com
Tel: 86-25-84106196

Nanjing Tangshan May-ling Residence 美龄公馆 

Nanjing Tangshan May-ling Residence is situated in the center of Tangshan town, and named after Madame Chiang (Soong May-ling). The hotel is built according to three-star standards, elegant, simple and noble, including 32 standard rooms and 4 executive suites. It is an ideal place for business conference, leisure, holiday, hot spring bath and investigation tour. 

Add: Tanglin Road 38, Tangshan, Nanjing
Web: http://www.njtsmlgg1897.com
Tel: 86-25-84101897  86-25-84109966 

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